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Damian Lillard versus one of the NBAs worst defenses is an utter mismatch and fantasy owners need to take advantage on Saturday.
There is a decent chance both hit value but West is the safe cash option of the two and he, like Mills, provides the necessary salary relief to help fit the studs on the slate into your roster.
Furthermore, Philadelphia is likely to be without their top rim protector.Patty byerlys gift card Mills, Spurs, 7,000, after sitting out on Friday, Patty Mills will be one of the eight Spurs active on Saturday by my count.Regardless, the individual matchup for Thomas should be beatable which is good news for the Celtics.Any player who is going to take 20 shots against this pathetic 76ers defense allowing 107.5 PPG should be successful over the long run. Im spending the week with a preview copy.Even if this were to turn into a 30 point guard in third quarter, Lillard would have his fingerprints all over the outburst.Brian Dozier leading off against a left-hander for a sub-8,000 price is an auto-playespecially one making his first start after an extended stint on the disabled list.Pitchers (P jose Altuve, 10,500, gregory Polanco, 10,200, noah Syndergaard, 23,200, jason Kipnis, 10,000, bryce Harper, 9,600. Without a doubt, he has captured the essence of effectively working with the athletes of today.Therefore, you should not think twice about using him.A circle formed in the middle. Gordons work is also practical, inspirational, and easily applied to any team.