windows 10 software student discount

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But i didn't want the constant "upgrade to windows 10" message so i got this anyway, and so far i am pretty happy with.By Leonis Utah February 9, 2016 Good Stuff Windows 10, better than Vista and some of its previous incarnations.By Robert Philadelphia, PA December 9, 2015 Yup, it sucks Windows 10, now with even more bloatware!What do you keep?After apprehending him with my quick disk formatting and dual moniter support I installed and ran windows 10 which worked perfectly.I was hoping Windows 10 would return to solid ground and logic - and found what I needed.Before you ask, My University doesnt have a premium Dreamspark discount for people with my major.Best of all - the boot times under Windows 10 are much faster - especially when installed on an SSD.Record games on Xbox One, play Xbox One games streamed to a Windows 10 PC display.It's an OS, nothing really to get excited about, and not too many different choices in this field out there.Microsoft Windows 10 Home (64-bit, OEM DVD).
It is likely you use software and related technology every day.
I optimized my computer for my needs (music production) and was able to step right back into my familiar environment.