A reader sent us an interesting snippet of information today.
Its a bit like popping out to your garage to fetch a screwdriver and discovering a Ferrari you didnt know you had under a dust sheet.But the latest figures backdate those numbers up.6bn and.8bn respectively.Now, were not remotely expert enough when it comes to the labyrinth of government trade stats to determine how significant that is (the 15bn, not the surprise Ferrari).But we suspect readers will agree that it seems an awfully big statistic to alter without mentioning it, or having anyone notice.That seemed a startling fact, so we looked into.But as of this year, with the independence referendum safely long in the past, the UK government has very quietly altered the methodology discount furniture henrietta ny of RTS to now accurately credit oil revenues to where they belong.RTS is the UK governments or more precisely hmrcs Regional Trade Statistics accounts, which seek to disaggregate the UK economy to see how much money is generated in which areas.When independence supporters first discovered that the large bulk of North Sea oil revenues were attributed in the stats to an unknown region rather than game maker 2 discount to Scotland, wings readers knew about it at least as early as July 2014.And if there was nothing shady going on before, why change the rules now?Unionists went into overdrive to downplay and obfuscate the fact.If you look at the figures published in 2016, they put Scottish production of Mineral Fuels.76bn for 2014 and 588m for 2015.In just two years, then, Scotlands economy has suddenly produced over 15bn more than the official UK government figures had previously claimed it did.A reader sent us an interesting snippet of information today.# 102, burnsville, MN 55337 advantage correspondent clearing, C/O ADP, 51 mercedes WAY, edgewood, NY 11717 advantage security access INC., 3214 maxroy., houston, TX 77008 advantel networks, 869 warne CT, elburn, IL 60119 Mode of Svc (if different).
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