Of course, any artists work is best understood through direct experience, and judges for the Saroyan prize will make their choices based on their personal experience with Saroyans writings.
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Yes, self-published books are eligible as long as they are available for individual purchase by the general public.But it did set me to thinking about why I write.It was established.What works are eligible for the Saroyan Prize?Five copies of the publication (or PDF file if submitting an e-book).The prize commemorates the life, legacy and intentions of William Saroyan - author, artist, dramatist, composer - and is intended to encourage new or emerging writers, rather than to recognize established literary figures.Please direct questions to Sonia Lee,.How can I support the William Saroyan International Prize for Writing?Several pieces of their own over the course of the day.Multiple entries may be paid with one check.A completed entry form, available here.What materials must I submit to be considered for the prize?Instructor Kathleen McClung says, We flash memoirists are pickpockets: We get in and get out quickly.Authors careers follow many different paths, and no single definition fits.
The four book limitation is a guideline for the Saroyan Prize Committee and for those determining whether or not they are an author that is new and emerging, no matter the genre.