where can i use a visa gift card uk

Metadata, i tried the credit card and paypal options but they both failed.
Spending is limited to the amount of money placed on the Only 1 Visa Gift Card at the time of purchase.
The transaction value is greater than the available balance on your Only 1 Visa Gift Card.Tips Your Only 1 Visa Gift Card has been suspended or closed, or transactions with a particular merchant have been blocked, due to suspected fraudulent or illegal activity The black angus steakhouse gift card Only 1 Visa Gift Card is damaged The Only 1 Visa Gift Card has expired back.Is there any specific error message?To dispute a transaction you must register your card by selecting register my card in the account activities section.Show more, i want a visa gift card so i can make a Paypal account and make an eBbay account and then buy and sell stuff online, mpg rewards card balance is this possible?How would i put money onto a visa gift card to purchase goods online?Cards with values of 50 and 100 have a purchase fee.95.I tryed to put those money from the visa card to a paypal account, but does not work.Some restaurants and other service-oriented merchants may factor in an additional 20 (or more) to cover any tip you may leave on the purchase.Metadata *Originally posted by can i use kroger gift card?I have a One Vanilla visa card, it's a gift card which can be use on line only in the United State.Visa Gift Card users should sign their name on the back of the Visa Gift Card, if able to do so, as well as at the point-of-sale on a purchase receipt.The merchant has elected not to accept this method of payment.