Select your wedding anniversary below to get started: 1st Wedding Anniversary, congratulations on your 1st wedding anniversary and you think to yourself where did that time go?
White lilacs represent youthful innocence, while purple lilacs represent the first feelings of love.
So a 5th or Wood read more 6th Wedding Anniversary.Your tenth wedding anniversary is certainly a milestone to celebrate, and the simplicity of a single bloom magnified when put in a bouquet is a beautiful symbol of your marriage.Yes, what a fantastic wedding anniversary to get to and be able to enjoy with denver auto show discount tickets 2015 your loved one.Well done on reaching send gift vouchers the 12th wedding anniversary or silk anniversary.Celebrating a couples 82nd wedding anniversary with family, friends and neighbours is probably best during the day time read more 83rd Wedding Anniversary How fantastic to be celebrating an 83rd wedding anniversary, congratulations on becoming a member of a very elite club.Finding the right gift that shows your partner you love them is just as important too!Musically it was the read more 88th Wedding Anniversary How fantastic and many congratulations on knowing a couple about to celebrate their 88th wedding anniversary.For a couple enjoying such an event, they would both be around read more.They also create gorgeous anniversary bouquets, with blooms in white, yellow, pink, red and purple.They all have deep meanings and symbolize varying traits of your relationship.No matter what color tulip bouquet you choose, its the perfect anniversary flower to represent love, devotion and grace.Freesias are given to celebrate your seventh wedding anniversary and represent the strength of the friendship you and your partner have developed over the years.Check out some hotels read more 54th Wedding Anniversary The 54th wedding anniversary can be symbolised with glass.You read more 46th Wedding Anniversary Many congratulations on celebrating your 46th anniversary, many anniversaries have traditional gemstones or precious metals associated with them, the 46th does not.
The earlier years of your marriage have read more 40th Wedding Anniversary Many congratulations on your 40th wedding anniversary, known as the ruby anniversary.