We do not have a gifting list Our grafton centre gift vouchers house is set with nothing missed Wed like to go on honeymoon A place for us as bride and groom Were asking for a cash donation To send us to our dream location No matter how you.
If you know you want cash to go towards grow n win your honeymoon, Buy Our Honeymoon gives you the option for your guests to purchase elements of your honeymoon such as spa treats or entrance to a museum or popular tourist attraction at your destination.No roughing!" "Thanks for the free booze.Best wishes to you both!" "Of all the big life events we've celebrated over the years, today tops the list.Get your creative juices flowing and pen your own poem or use your favourite from the selecting below: General cash request poems.As long as your wedding congratulations message is heartfelt and offers the couple a positive wish for their marriage, you're good.A gift of currency is our request.Should you wish to honour us with a gift, we hope that our registry held at (store) will make it more convenient for you to select something that you know we will love.However, if you wanted to make a monetary contribution, we would be most grateful, but please do not feel obliged to do so - The most important thing for us is your presence during the day to celebrate our marriage and gifts are.Country Charm wooden wish box, the money will.Our life together has already begun.If you're happily married, you could even add some of your own marriage advice.If choosing a gift is not your cup of tea, you might like to try our gift registry.

Thanks for letting us share in your celebration!" "Congrats!
(Then again, if you bought a gift off the couple's registry and want them to also have a pretty card from you, take one to the reception and drop it in a wedding card box or on a gift table!).