Can I trade in my device at any buddy pass discount breckenridge time?
The value of a device goes down over time, so estimates can change all the time.
Deactivate your account: If you have one, take out your SIM card.
We can only do one device for each trade-in.Can I trade in more than one device at a time?You have to be the legal owner of the device that you want to trade.We'll check if: the device powers on the keypad and/or touchscreen work the screen and/or body are cracked there are signs of liquid damage the battery and battery cover are included.To make sure your personal info is protected, here's what you should do before trading-in your device: Back it up: addictive fidget spinners coupon code Back up any personal info that you want to keep, like contacts, emails, documents, pictures, videos and music.Can I use the value of my trade-in any time?What if my device is valued at 0?Maximum 1 device per trade-in.Can I transfer the value of my trade-in to someone else?If your device doesn't have any value, then you can always go green and recycle it on the spot with our.How long does my trade-in estimate last?What you need to do before trading in: Back up your personal info and reset roadie tuner coupon code your device.Sorry, but your trade-in value has to be redeemed in our store at the time of your trade-in.
Charge battery: Make sure the battery is charged so that we can check your device out in the store).