That's what the Turks said.
Aus:m/ trump-cant-win-compilation -youtube, the Best trump CAN'T WIN Compilation!
President Obama made the.CBS News elections director Anthony Salvanto joins cbsn with the latest.Moments from CNN's coverage of a historic night on CNN when Donald Trump was elected the 45th President of the United States.The Patriotic Report 103,941.Trump ' - Tucker Carlson Ann Coulter Talk About The Left - Duration: 13:06.From people refusing to believe he could even be the nominee, let alone the President.YouTube; Was a Space Based Weapons Platform Used Against Hawaii bound Ballistic Missile?Aus:m/rant/politics/funniest- trump - cant.Donald Trump won't be President, said countless news commentators, politicians, and celebrities.That's what Obama said.VG87uxih8Lzo, funniest trump CAN'T WIN compilation subscribe to be notified of upcoming videos funniest trump can't win compilation watch the video to the end for a real laugh.From beginning to end.That's discount yoga mats what every media outlet said.I'm still waiting for the dinosaurs in red capes, Mr Hanks.