tracking gift card usage

So that.22 really did disappear.
The file is most likely contained in your Downloads folder with a filename.
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HT to Lenny who first showed me how to check ebay gift card usage).On Slickdeals people are losing various amounts. The rolling 180 days makes tracking it particularly difficult because there isnt simply a day of the year where it all resets. Now we just need to filter out the non-gift card transactions and walt disney world gifts delivered to room sum up the total!A copy of your confirmation number will be sent to you. Because ebay gift cards can frequently be found at a discount from various promotions and websites which can then be used to buy items on ebay at a steep discount. Both were extremely helpful and professional and we were on the phone for 90 minutes last burger king vouchers terms and conditions night.This may take some time, especially if youve had a lot of transactions on PayPal in the past 180 days.Direct Link to Google Sheets, in Google Sheets, you will want to select the.Custom Date Range to the past 180 days. Im going to use Google Sheets below because its free and everyone should have access to it, but the steps will be similar with any spreadsheet program.Name column to filter out anything that isnt a gift card transaction.

 You would expect since PayPal took out exactly.78 from the eBay gift card I would run a balance check and find the remaining.22 - however, the balance check is exactly.
 Then either drag the previously downloaded file onto the page, or click.
Once you have selected the file to upload, you should be placed into a brand new Google Sheet with all of your PayPal transaction information from the past 180 days.