If it isn't working to change your child's behavior, don't give up or get rid of potted plants as return gifts the reward plan altogether.
Writing a small apology note helps as an active way to say sorry rather than just a quick verbal sorry.
Make sure your child can't access the tokens. .No food in my room, please Thank You, stay in Seat Stop Whining Keep Your Hands To Yourself Behavior Tokens Sometimes children need something physical as a kind of reward for behaving or doing certain tasks.State what behavior you want to see so you can reward the good behavior with a token.But the initial reward is one that allows a child to save towards a goal, after they have accomplished something.More 10 10 of the Best Charts You'll See This Week.Here are eight different token color choices: Blue Pink Purple Green Red Orange Yellow Brown : Keep track with this record chart: Reward Tokens Record Here are different types of paper bucks: Chore Bucks Play/Exercise Bucks Homework Bucks Behavior Bucks Keep track of the paper.Write on, wipe off and hang anywhere.Get your child involved by requesting his input into what rewards he would like to earn.How to Create a Token Economy System.Hourly Behavior Chart, chart, i Behaved Well (Sunday-Saturday i Behaved Well (Monday-Thursday i Behaved Well (Monday-Friday).Items Checklist, chart (Items checked out checked in).Print the charts and then place them in a sheet protector for use.These rewards can be saved up for money, candy, etc.Use some rewards that don't cost money.
If chores are done, full allowance is kept by the child.).
Help children keep track of the good behavior they have in various situations through out the day.

Offer rewards worth a variety of point values to keep it exciting.
Strike 3 (Consequences) Strike 3 (Punishment) Strike 3 Chart (Concerns/Punishment) Strike 3 Chart (Concerns/Consequences) Behavior (3 Faces w/comments) Don't Fight!
Sometimes, behaviors get a little worse before they get better.