You place your order on an iPad and can get traditional drinks or completely customize your own and choose the ingredients and alcohol. .
My husband was most excited about the iFly which is an indoor skydive tube on the back of the boat that gives you the same feel as skydiving (I posted a video on that you can see here ). .
source these giggles gifts frankford ave live performances transport you to another location as you listen to awarding winning artists perform different musical compositions from genres including jazz and contemporary classics. .
We crammed so many activities into those two days on board. .Royal Caribbean announced new shows for its latest cruise ship, Anthem of the Seas.Nothing could be more diverse than the Anthem of the Seas entertainment.The bumper cars were one thing that was very unexpected to see on a cruise ship! .Jean-Francois Fourtous Gigi the giraffe masterpiece.While the show is meant for all ages, it centers around overcoming the death of a loved one, so you might want to consider the theme before taking your kids to the show.Royal Caribbean describes The Gift as a musical journey of fantasy and illusion that begins one stormy night with the arrival of a magical gift. .Performed in Two70, employing the technological enhancements of the roboscreens and vistaramas, this show plays most evenings of the cruise.Piano music occurs most nights in the Schooner Bar, and pub classics are played in Michaels Genuine Pub.The incorporation of modern music and technology give the show depth and dimension.It was a really neat idea and was so popular throughout our whole trip everyone else seemed to love it! .It was so cool to get the inside scoop on how they feed thousands upon thousands of people each day aboard the ship! .Each venue (American Icon Grill, Chic, Silk, and The Grande) features rotating menus that deliver new selections nightly, as well as a few favorites that remain. .I recommend Royal Caribbean Anthem of the Seas to novice and experienced cruisers and I want to thank Royal Caribbean again for such an amazing trip. .