I had to simply praise the Lord this morning when I received your gift in the mail.
Thank you for your gift.
Heres how we are using your gift already.
May the Lord reward you richly for remembering the poor and destitute with your bequest!If you're calling a person who lives far away, make sure to account for the time difference.And she loves the person who saved her life.Don't disturb the person to say thank you; they will get annoyed.Thank you cards are a more formal and old-fashioned way to say thank you, and it can be tricky to know exactly what to write in them.His name is Ahmed.Thank you for renewing your support.Your tax-free donation reminds me of how much we depend on your generosity and moral support to accomplish our mission.22.Thank you for your recent gift.If the person impacted your life in a big way, you don't have to cry, but let your face show how touched you are by that person's vouchers for travelodge 2018 help.Thank you for your generous grant of 20,000 for our Brighten Up Campaign.Question What is the proper way to thank someone who sends you cards for every holiday?It touched our hearts to know that.Well, I know that your gift of 100 did this week.Next time you are driving down Princess Street, please take a look at the new wheelchair entrance to our food bank, and our guests who are using it, thanks to your generosity and commitment to our work.Maintain your sincerity through texting.
I was there to witness it myself.

You are a treasure to us all.
Mply put, if it wasnt for faithful supporters like you, we wouldnt exist.