Ask children to bring in the win a les paul guitar recipe of their favorite food.
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You love Animals and need them in your life.Have students study celebrations around the globe and share a holiday celebration important to their family.Rafael López paints with acrylics on sanded wood.Share two to three books of other cultural stories/legends.Students can invite family members to write down what they are thankful for on a slip of paper and leave it in the basket.(A conviction does not mean you cannot be hired.Students can prepare group reports on the instruments available at that time or reports on the scientific instruments of today that students might like to collect.Download a teacher's guide that aligns with teks (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) standards and curriculum for first and second grades, written by Kendall Miller, the Logistics and Outreach Coordinator for the Texas Book Festival.;-) Compensation: We pay an hourly rate, but your biggest opportunity is with our commission system.The books can be illustrated or enhanced by other kinds of student art such as collage.Return to Index Tomás and the Library Lady (Spanish edition: Tomás y la señora de la biblioteca) After exploring with students the qualities of heroes and why some people such as sports or music figures are noticed and others like nurses, school bus drivers, migrant.

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Plan a Readers Theatre of the book using props suggested from the books illustrations.