I wasn't affected one way or the mlb sweepstakes 2017 other by meeting him, but when I saw him on stage I was more emotionally gripped and moved and disturbed than I had ever been at any similar type of thing.
The names changed over the years but when we went it was Narcissus, Lipstick Celebrations.
The owner got kicked out of seattle for child molestation and came back years ago to run for city counsel!Jim, later happy easter gifts in a limo with Gloria Stavers, throws the phone in a sanitation dumpster and heads to Jac Holzman's apartment.Gosh those were the days!(sigh) Helenas Los Angeles (Beverly Hills) 1987-?The most awesome and "IN" place to be, LimeLight and the wild nights that Michael Alig would host.Happy Hour saved again.Plastic Passion Los Angelos.The Doors- Their voice is momentum multiply flight discounts dark and bloody, a voice from the bowels.This club was usually hosted by Richard Blade from kroq FM in Los Angeles and was the place to be in Orange County at that time.It was our first really large crowd. .The intensity begins the moment they stalk on stage and it doesnt let up until the purge is over, the catharsis is complete.Starting out as a "punk" club, the music followed right into the 80's wave scene.Saturday Nights were jammed, with lineups around the corner of the building.I went to underwear parties, drank 15 rum cokes while dancing to Lords of Acid and Dead Can Dance.Closed in 2001 and torn down to build Condo's Re-opened in a new location in 2003 with a lot of the same staff and crowd but surely not the same.
I had done some promo shots to promote my sideshow career and the work I did in the Underground Horror Girls, but nothing really serious.