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3 Use the brush and dustpan to sweep up debris from the tarp or drop cloth.
Smoke Detectors / CO Alarms.
Doing this causes this heavy particulates to build up very quickly.
All of these chimney brush and rods are easy to use.When you're ready babylove baby shower gift pack to move forward with the most trusted chimney services company in Chicago, get a promo code for ringling brothers circus dragons free" or call us at to speak to a friendly customer service representative.A smaller stiff wire brush.Have a leaky chimney? .If you have 1/4.Each chimney brush is manufactured in two different thread sizes: 1/4 inch for the homeowner grade, and 3/8 inch for the professional grade chimney brush.Question How do I clean heavy soot from a stove pipe?The number of chimney brush rods that will be needed will be based on the length of the chimney.We look for flue connections, water and air leaks, gaskets and seals, brick and mortar work, proper functioning dampers, condition of firebox or burn areas, caps, spark arresters, and spark screens and doors.Dissemble the brush and extensions, or detach the rope.Our chimney sweeps are certified professionals that make your chimney, and your home, much safer.We are ready to serve you.Method 4 Finish the Job 1 Clean the flue's entrance.A smoky fire without enough oxygen emits lots of unburned tar vapors that can condense inside the fireplace flue and stick to it, possibly leading to a chimney fire.
If you feel any trepidation at the thought of climbing a ladder or standing on your roof, clean your chimney from the bottom instead, using the method outlined below.