The estimate of 100,000 - 140,000 was comfortably exceeded and saw this pile of bits sell for 264,500.
Meanwhile, there's plenty of insight into Suzuki's two-stroke racing years with something to say about Barry Sheene, one of the greatest Suzuki pilots of them all.
Two-valves, four-strokes, 68mm x 68mm, 17hp @ 7,500rpm, 24mm Dell'Orto carburettor, 18-inch front wheel, 17-inch rear wheel and a top speed of around 80mph.But note that we're offering this comment without having used the book "in anger".The estimate is 7,000 - 9,000.Additionally, the near legendary Franco Lambertini (ex-Ferrari and the father of Morini's seminal 350cc, 72-degree V-twin) still has numerous designs and concepts that will almost certainly find their way onto Chinese drawing boards and computers.Launch on 308 win rounds 2/10/18 German company introduces "secure" Bikebox.The book is divided into six chapters, plus an introduction, acknowledgement and index.The stroke is 76mm.But as is the norm with overnight successes, it was actually years of hard work playing night after night for a growing local audience and then reaching out across the country and the world to spread their musical message, such as it was.But once again, it was the wrong platform and looked contrived and stilted.But we did what we reasonably could to check if these denims were otherwise fit for purpose, and given that we ain't got a laboratory or a convenient boffin to hand, we can't give you a definitive scientific answer.In hindsight, it's clear that Chas Hodges and Dave Peacock were simply great performers who slipped noisily into the hearts and minds of the British people (in particular) and rightfully earned their place at the microphone.Design-wise, there's nothing much to get excited about.We remember them well enough during the sixties and seventies, mind.But on the face of it, it looks like Bonhams and Barber are both very satisfied with their lotor, if you prefer, lots.
And note that as with the Wilsmore bikes estimates further below, the numbers are unrealistic.