Plus, even without a credit history, it's easy to get.
Keep it up for five months in a row, and you may also get a credit line increase.But if youre just getting started, it may be the perfect fit.The Capital One Journey Student Rewards card is a fantastic way to start building your credit history.Designed for those with average credit, the Journey Student Rewards from Capital One may not be the best pick if you have a high credit score and more options.Compare this to the CitiBank College card.5 of 5 stars (ats"star5 5 star reviews 4 of 5 stars (ats"star4 4 star reviews 3 of 5 stars (ats"star3 3 star reviews 2 of 5 stars (ats"star2 2 star reviews 1 of 5 stars (ats"star1 1 star reviews).Not only that but it's actually seattle seahawks win loss history difficult for a college student to get despite being today million dollar giveaway a student card.Eno from Capital One, you have an intelligent assistant norwegian air discount code 2017 at your fingertips.Which is invaluable to a student just starting out.It's a good way to build your credit.With the Journey Student Rewards from Capital One, you can build credit while earning more rewards for punctual payments.

Youll get 1 cash back on all purchases, with an extra.25 for paying on time - that's.25 cash back in total. .