In other words, you change your center of gravity and redistribute your weight.
Annual Membership, pay in advance for 12 months and receive one month complimentary.And because you don't give your eyes the "workout" they need.Membership prices, minimum 12-month contract, anytime 49 per month, off-Peak 39 per month.Make it superhuman with the Vision Gym.But it's abt com discount code not just a "sports thing." Even scientific labs around the globe are looking to use vision training to help with aging, stroke and brain trauma victims and more!You see, without even knowing it, a lot of what we do everyday in the 21st century is actually destroying our vision in ways worse than we can ever imagine!In fact, you may be doing it right now as you read this on your laptop, computer, iPad or iPhone.Your brain is the GPS.These skills begin to atrophy.Your hand-eye-body coordination is lightening quick.Over the last decade, we've proven this over and over again with our clients, patients and partners.Professional athletes understand this.As you train your eyes to see better, further and faster.I personally believe this is the first of the three satellites everyone should focus on (no pun intended).Over time, it can cause some serious damage.
But furthermore - why would your body react this way?

If you sit in front of a computer for 8 to 10 hours a day, you are putting your sight in a "visual cage".