I can detect the gardenia right away.
You can definitely smell a strong violet, rose and vanilla, but the first thing that comes to your mind when you smell it is baby powder.The perfume is traditionally formulated: aldehydes, citrus, florals, woods, win watson unh musk.When I wear it, I feel like I'm suddenly wearing a clean, comfortable cotton white dress walking on the clouds.This is a rose perfume with chrysler friends and family discount scented clouds of powder.That first spritz had me smelling aldehydes, peach, honeysuckle, and citrus, a bergamot orange.Indeed it feels like I've worn it before.Flower is basically a gigantic, in your face baby powder.I love that bergamot.While religious gifts brisbane Kenzo Amour is like a warm, cozy hug, Flower is a nostalgic, forever alone girl giving a hug for herself, lol.Flower by Kenzo is my favorite perfume of all time and I can't believe I never left a review of it!Again very feminine and old fashioned for what aspires to be a fragrance for the bold new woman of the 20th century.Where has this fragrance been all my life?This fragrance was for scenting the shoulder pads on those business suits.
I can see why some people dislike.

I have been wearing it for 12 years and it brings me back so many good and bad memories.
The bottle also resembles a hair spray.