Once he gets to that destination, you can plan an extravagant party for him, with all his family members and friends present.
He then has to look for other candles in the room, and light them too.Create a humorous scavenger hunt.Place the candles in such a way that you give him direction to other candles with similar notes, leading up to specific candles in a sequence.And finally, it should end at his bedroom, where a huge gift box can await him, complete with a big bow and shimmer.When you enter his place, start placing a trail of petals, after every two steps into the apartment.For example, have your guy look for silly items such as a "banana hammock" by putting a real piece of fruit in your backyard hammock.Most of them are pretty easy, like where you would bake a pie (oven) but some are a little more complicated, like where you would put flowers.If not, the clues won't make sense.If I do surprises along the way, I like to do a mixture of small things treats and gifts and then a bigger surprise at the end.Set up this printable Valentines Day scavenger hunt around your house for a fun surprise for anyone eric church membership coupon code you love!The printable PDF has 12 different clue cards.This will lead the way to other clues.Valentines Day Scavenger Hunt, so its funny.Each riddle leads the hunters to the next riddle in a specific location diy network man caves sweepstakes described on the card.With a boyfriend of course it's different.

Scavenger Hunt Prize Ideas for Adults.