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Honor Veterans Everyday Flags and Flowers for win an iphone 2018 Vets Join: Preston Sharp in Texas June 9, :00 AM Texas State Cemetery 909 lecrae merch discount code Navasota Street, Austin Texas click here FOR additional information Flags and Flowers are provided.If he was looking to hide the event, why would FF Garcia advocate for AFD to look into his personnel file?COA Risk management does confer on a daily basis with the third party administrator to determine which claims will and will not be accepted; however, the COA has stated that when the claim involves cancer, the claim will be denied. .Please response to this email if you would like more information about the AFA Pension Protection PAC.Would you like an easy way to solicit prizes for your next fundraising raffle?Hollingsworth Wayne Jackson Marja Juraschek Cliff Kealy Alan Kirtley Perry Koehn Greg Krenek Scott Kruemcke Henri La Caille Mark McCoy William Mclain Ricky Moore Jack Morrissey LC Nino Brian Nolan Mark Pigg Terry Pogue Chris Sandman Laura Stephenson Michael Sutcliffe Stephen Tittle David Turner John.Why have other departments gone to this?There are some outstanding CBA issues (Kelly Day Trades, Call Back and others) that we are working through with management and hopefully this will result in a system that is more tolerable for all.Then we make solid changes to policies and procedures.Thanks to Vanessa Schaefer, Erin Dempsey, Rikki Stankevitz and Christine Jones.IF we do not increase dues, we will need to reduce our legislative expenditures by about 10K.Follow this link to email the entire Austin City Council - Please call or email your City Council representatives today and tell them that Austinites support Austin Fire Fighters in the effort to drop the lawsuit against Carrie Steward.Click here FOR link TO online voting July 12, 2018 Brother and Sister Firefighters, There are four important motions up for online discussion and vote set for next week.Want to get more publicity for your event?Internship program The AFA will be seeking permission from the membership in June, by online vote, to approach the City of Austin about reopening the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) to discuss our firefighter internship proposal: Regarding the AFA internship proposal: It would need.Finalize your big prize.The current dues that the AFA charge for retiree membership.00 per month but because of recent iaff dues increases, the AFA pays.29 per month to the iaff for the retiree.In regard to changing the kelly day, the survey shows that 2/3 of the membership disagree with this idea so the AFA will not bring this question forward to an online vote.I'd like to start off by saying thank you' for the concern and support that you all have had for. .

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Thank you all for your help and support of the Special Olympics. .