Offering high-value prizes in a Facebook Like Share giveaway is a fast way to gain page likes and comments.
Whats in it for the page?One reason is like-farming.If there are a huge number of desirable prizes a hundred iPads, or five cars for example its a scam.It's even posted by David Swhimmer!If theres no T Cs or closing date, be suspicious.Is it even related to the Facebook page content?Snopes, which says in part, there are several other ways to tell that this Luxury RV page is a hoax.Is it live or a holding page?A blue tick next to a Facebook page name bloomon gift code shows its an official page ( note there is no official Apple page on Facebook and not all big companies have the tick to show theyre verified.).Get Started guide and see my list of competition websites for the UK websites you can trust.Ask for advice on a comping forum or Facebook group, or check m to see if the scam appears there.M has love florist promo code long been engaged in the battle against misinformation, an effort we could not sustain without the support of our readers.First, while this message purportedly comes from a business that has been operating for 50 years, their Facebook page was only established on Second, the Facebook page claims that it represents Major RV, a company based out of California, but lists its location as Eving."Its pretty obvious its fake and heres why:.RV on Facebook claims its giving away 150 RVs and promising that Facebook users only need to like and share a photo of several RVs and leave a short comment on the post in order to qualify for winning one of the RVs.