The Remington PSS, which is short for "Police Sharp Shooter", has been in service with countless law enforcement agencies across the.S.
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Shortly after its release in 1962, the boss safety coupon code gun became an instant hit among hunters, police marksman and military sharpshooters alike.And has a tack driving lineage.The Remington 700 PSS features a licensed HS-Precision Kevlar stock reinforced with aramid fibers and includes a reinforced aluminum bedding block.The rifle's tang mounted, two- position safety is instinctively located at the rear of the receiver and within easy access of a shooter's thumb.Msrp 529 R1 Enhanced Threaded Barrel Starting msrp 95900 view HTP Copper (High Terminal Performance) 1911 R1 Ultralight Executive Starting msrp 1,25000 view UMC handgun ammunition Performance WheelGun Versa Max Real Tree AP HD Camo Starting msrp 1,66400 view Big Game Small Game Waterfowl Upland.It breaks like glass, has virtually zero creep and offers a level of shot control unmatched by any other factory trigger.The bolt plug doubles as a status indicator and is located at the rear of the bolt.Just to offer some perspective, at the time this iconic rifle was released- JFK was still in the White House; rotary dial telephones were slowly being replaced by touch tones; the "bouffant" was the ladies preferred hair fashion of the day; the Olds Starfire Coupe.Learn more, introducing THE custom shop model 700 sixsite edition.Rear and dual forward swivels studs make it easy to attach your favorite sling and bipod.It is this non- concentric, asymmetrical case support that is generally lower in strength and accuracy when compared to a push feed- the same reason you rarely see modern sniper rifles or super high performance hunting calibers (such as the.460 Weatherby.300 Remington Ultra chambered.By comparison, the Model 700 PSS bolt face is recessed, completely encircling the case head in a ring of steel (that's one).The rifle's heavy Parkerized finish can be found on all steel parts, including the barrel.It's truly amazing when you stop and think about all of the technological advancements that have taken place over the last 50 years and the fact that the Model 700 was so far ahead of its time that Remington is still considered the one."Pre-'64, mauser" is that the latter requires a bolt face to be left open so the cartridge can rise up out of the magazine and slide into the extractor.Weighing in.5lbs, the rifle is backed by a 2- year manufacturer's warranty.
A smooth bolt throw provides fast follow-up shots, while the knurled bolt handle provides a positive, non- slip grip in less than ideal weather conditions.
Ever hear the phrase, "you could drive tacks with 'em?".