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If you need to drop off your gifts early, we do allow a drop off from 10:00.m.
We will send an email after the event with thank-yous we have received from the families so that you can hear in their words how much your generosity means to them.These are best for AAF so that the family can see that they do not have to go to a Ralphs to use the gift cards.Companies, schools, and religious institutions are asked to consider adopting multiple families or holding food, toy or gift card drives to help SOS with the families that do not get adopted by a specific donor.You can also call and speak to Julie Askelson at 949.270.2187.Since its inception, SOS has been linking generous community members with families in need of extra support during the holidays.Please fill in details below, and well get back to you within one business day.Delivery day will be Thursday, December 17, 2015, at the OC Fair Event Center, between 8:00am and 11:00am.The schools have provided these names of stores that sell school uniforms.Some donors provide both food items, and gift cards.Bristol @ peoples coupon code McFadden, Santa Ana 230.Fresh produce and extra food are always welcome.Some Ralphs gift cards have the logo of all Kroger stores on the back of the card.17th between Tustin and.Download the Donor Sign-Up Form.On the 15th and 16th.Main near McFadden, Santa Ana 1120.When providing Christmas dinner, please sipadan scuba discount code buy gift cards for frozen goods, turkeys and perishables and purchase other holiday food items or consider providing gift cards for a complete Christmas dinner.
Those adopting 4 or more families will need to deliver on the 15th or 16th and will be contacted to arrange a delivery time.