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Don't offer to pay.
i am a free software developer and technology consultant and I work without money.Preferred Gender Pronouns for Facebook, enables users to bypass Facebook's restricted gender identity options, set custom pronouns, and notify friends of a pronoun change.I also really enjoy finding win-win situations that give me a safe place to put my pack down for a little while.Buy me a Panera Bread eGift Card.(Spoiler alert: my answer will direct365 co uk discount code probably old navy promo code nov 2014 reflector 2 promo code be, Thatd be awesome, thanks!) Free hugs are great, too.Buy me a Whole Foods eGift Card.You can also send me flattr microdonations automatically each month by subscribing to my creator profile.Its almost certainly nothing you did wrong; sometimes The Man gets pissy at folks who dont follow Teh Rulez and likes to fuck with.Are you looking to make a bigger impact through wide exposure?Flattr-y will get you everywhere.How you can support me: You can make a single donation via Square Cash, Venmo, WePay, PayPal or credit card in the amount of your choosing using any of the One-Time Donation buttons on my various websites.The WordPress Seedbank Plugin, an open source website plugin that can turn any WordPress site into a community seed bank or seed library.Developed in 2013 and still offers more power and flexibility to users than Facebook's recently updated gender list.Please register at m/sign-up with the original email linked to your old account and complete the required fields.

If you offer me money, I will decline on principle.
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In plain English: I can help you do anything you want with a computer.