The secondary freight fee is added for each unit above the amount in the Up to frt qty field.
User def fld (User defined percentage field) A field for you to enter a percentage for your own usage, such as for entry of a commission rate for the source code.
See Working with Promotions (wpro) for more information on setting up promotions.
Valid values are: selected Orders containing this source code bypass credit check.Price override: The system uses the Default Price Override Reason (B35) system control value to add the free gift at no charge.The total sales for type U doug williams super bowl win source codes is 600.00.When this system control value is set to Y, the system searches through each level in the pricing hierarchy, finds a price at each level, and uses the best price for the item.Numeric, 5 positions with a 2 place decimal; display-only.Working with Offers (wofr) to advance to the Work with Source Codes for Offer screen.This code is used for source codes assigned to rented lists and is informational only.Display on O/E (Display in Order Entry) Determines whether this source code appears when you prompt on the Source field during Order Entry/Maintenance or when entering a catalog request.This price applies to all SKUs of the item on the order.Actual billing amount ( Actual can you sell gift cards online Bill Amt Uses the total weight of all the items on the order and the shipper to determine the actual freight charge during Confirmation or Billing.See Recipient freight for an example.B/O priority (Backorder priority) Determines the backorder priority to default to orders with this source code, where: 9 highest priority 0 lowest priority The Evaluate Backorders program runs in the background and matches available inventory (received through.O.Assoc price (Associate price) The selling price of this item when an order meets the defined source code and quantity requirements and the customer is an associate.