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The Grim Adventures of Billy Mandy is what happens when you combine this trope with Black Comedy and Grossout Show.
Cut to cheery Gainax Ending.Fish Story : The long and complicated tale of how, thanks to a series of coincidences, an obscure punk song from a failed 1970s punk band saves the world in 2012.The Monkees is filled with enough randomness and absurdity to qualify, especially during the second season, where they were either walmart canada financial services ca rewards stoned out of their minds or didn't care any more and ad-libbed.Take Looney Tunes, the wackiness of SpongeBob SquarePants, the character designs of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, and a space setting.There is a killer piano in this movie.She's a superhero but she constantly blows off the President (of Everything who attracts flies.Which results in the cat turning into an actual living vampire cat.Set in the very distant future, about a group of sentient music instruments (Oscar is a grand blue piano, and their leader) fighting the music-hating world dictator Thaddius Vent.The Japanese have invented a bra that turns into a shopping bag.Nanalan' is another Wicket for kids.Tono to Issho is Jidai Geki made really freakin' weird.When character creation was included in the expansion, stat rolling included several strange and useless abilities, such as an "Almond Joy" stat.And that's one of the relatively normal episodes.Last Year's Snow Was Falling : A Claymation short about a narrator desperately trying to find a story to tell, before settling on a nameless small-town idiot and ADD-plagued Cloud Cuckoo Lander who is ordered by his wife into the woods to find a christmas.

The least bizarre thing is the pink hair on the central character.
Because of its quirkiness and freakish ambiance, this show scared a whole generation of French kids, who will tell you that it still gives them some feeling of dread if they try rewatching the show.