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Follow prompts to install tools.Valid values are "win "lin "mac "os2" and "other".If you find this to be the case, you can disable compaction using this configuration value.leftCtrl rightCtrl - Simulates pressing the ctrl key.With Parallels Tools installed, you can move the cursor between the virtual machine and Mac; the mouse and keyboard are released automatically.What if Parallels Tools is not installed?This information can be useful for provisioning.By default this is an empty string, which tells Packer to just forcefully shut down the machine.leftShift rightShift - Simulates pressing the shift key.It will start the OS installer but then fail because we don't provide the preseed file for Ubuntu to self-install.Prlctl (array of array of strings) - Custom prlctl commands to execute in order maynards wine gums gifts to further soft pretzel gifts customize the virtual machine being created.