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If you enjoy wrapping, feel free to do an excellent job.Family or friends draw names and anonymously exchange presents.Okay #10006, part 1 Basic Gameplay 1, set the gifting rules for your group.In this game, you do not know who the eventual ritz carlton employee discount recipient will.Place a limit on the number of steals per turn.Part 2 Variations 1 Agree on and implement as many variations to the game as desired.Obviously, it's impossible to "open two gifts and choose one" if you don't open the presents until the end.You can always talk to the person after the game and make a trade.The first person chooses any wrapped gift in the gift box and opens.No, it's more fun if you don't know who the gift is from until the game ends.There are already 2,324,857 names drawn this year.Question What are the best tips for conducting the exchange of gifts when I already know who my gift is going to?Exclude certain draw combinations, convenient wish lists, start Drawing Names.Question Are the gifts unwrapped so everybody knows what they are switching for?This option works best when presents remain unopened until the very end; otherwise, the first player has a distinct advantage.