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Ting 1977, Physics, sears rewards program login John.Moerner 2015, Chemistry, Paul.David Politzer 2004, Physics, Frank Wilczek 2005, Physics, Roy.Blackburn (also Australia) 2009, Physiology or Medicine, Carol.Theodore Roosevelt Peace 1906 President of United States; collaborator of various peace treaties" 1910s top of page, alexis Carrel, medicine 1912 "In recognition of his work on vascular suture and the transplantation of blood vessels and organs".Mulliken 1968, Chemistry, Lars Onsager 1972, Chemistry, Christian Anfinsen 1972, Chemistry, Stanford Moore 1972, Chemistry, William.Whipple Medicine 1934 "For their discoveries concerning liver therapy in cases of anaemia" Eugene O'Neill Literature 1936 "For the power, honesty and deep-felt emotions of his dramatic works, which embody an original concept of tragedy" Carl.Giaugue Chemistry 1949 "For his contributions in the field of chemical thermodynamics, particularly concerning the behaviour of substances at extremely low temperatures" William Faulkner Literature 1949 "For his powerful and artistically unique contribution to the modern American novel" 1950s top of page Philip.Feynman 1965, Physics, Julian Schwinger 1967, Physics, Hans Bethe 1968, Physics, Luis Alvarez 1969, Physics, Murray Gell-Mann 1972, Physics, John Bardeen 1972, Physics, Leon.Schelling 2006, Economic Sciences, Edmund.Alfred Nobel, many have received the prestigious award.ORG, the following table contains a listing of US Nobel Prize winners, as of 2018, using the definition of nationality employed by the Nobel Foundation (citizenship at the time of award).Literature in which genre writers have a chance.
Elihu Root, peace 1912, former Secretary of State; "Originator of various treaties of arbitration".
Morgan Medicine 1933 "For his discoveries concerning the role played by the chromosome in heredity" Harold.

Mulliken Chemistry 1966 "For his fundamental work concerning chemical bonds and the electronic structure of molecules by the molecular orbital method" Charles.
The book came to be regarded as an American classic.