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To do so, please visit the New York Prescription aver website at m or call the toll-free Helpline.Best that you check where the discounts are in relation to your accommodation before purchasing the card.By visiting the website you can also find information on the pricing of drugs, as well as a list of participating pharmacies.You can also check with your local pharmacists for more details.I don't think this is worth it unless you're planning return trips.Those with Medicaid coverage are not eligible.You can get the senior discount on the subways without a senior Metrocard, but it's not vry convenient.Remember you have to pay exact fare in coins - no bills, no pennies, no half dollars.The City that Never Sleeps.Together weve brought you exclusive savings and sweet deals at some of Manhattans best and most popular restaurants, attractions, shops and entertainment nothing will save you more.If you are eligible, I would like to encourage you to apply for this wonderful program.If you happen to be staying in lower Manhattan, you can get the senior card on the spot at the transit offices on Stone Street.The New York Prescription aver (NYP) is a free prescription discount card that will help save on the cost of prescription drugs.You don't have to be a resident.In addition, the card is simple and easy to use.To be able to use the card if based on the east side would have involved considerable expense in travelling which would have negated the discount.If you've got lead time, you can do this by mail, although you'll need to send in passport size photos and get your application notarized.You'd need to be at a station with an open booth in order to turn in the voucher for a return trip card.You can also use the vouchers to pay bus fare, but you can also just pay the reduced fare in coins on the buses by showing your senior ID (or just looking "old.In order to be eligible for the discount card, applicants must reside in New York State and their annual income must be less than 35,000 for singles and less than 50,000 (joint income) for married individuals. .
New York can be expensive with dining often a visitors single biggest expense and theres no better or easier way to save in New York than Eat and Play Card.
Also, the locations where the card can be collected vary and are not open after 5pm.