The new Mowgli, by the way, does take bookings.
When it arrives your server tells you whats.
We shared the basmati rice that came with my tiffin box.Mowgli is all about the small plates, which you can mix and 5th day of christmas gift ideas match.The food arrives as its cooked, so there are strictly speaking no starters or mains.It took my eyes a while to adjust, actually but luckily the menu is very familiar.Theres so much choice on the menu that I took the easy way out and ordered an Office Workers Tiffin (14) which promises food roulette.First up, from the vegetarian street chat section were fenugreek-kissed fries (4.95 cubes of fried potato tossed with turmeric, fenugreek, sliced red onion and the Mowgli masala.Everything you need to know Mowgli (Image: Ian Cooper) Mowgli 3, Water Street, Liverpool L2 0RD Website Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday: Noon-9.30pm Friday and Saturday: Noon-10.30pm Service: Enthusiastic, knowledgeable and helpful Price: Small plates mean you can make your Mowgli visit as cheap.So can Mowgli Water Street match the success of its Bold Street parent?Id heard good things but mostly from them, to be fair.Read More, nisha Katonas eatery swiftly became one of the city centres most popular food and drink stops after it opened in 2014.The foods as good as ever, the neighbourhood is as buzzing as Bold Street, and the more spacious venue suits Mowgli well.Speaking of breads, Elephant Atta roti (1.50 for 2) is a case of up-selling for what are simply grilled wholemeal flat breads for picking up curries.This was fine and the muted green mung lentils even matched the decor perfectly.Read More, some of the original decor has been preserved among the familiar Mowgli touches, from the logo of the monkey with a tiffin box to the ropes and cages that are also part of Bold Streets decor.We passed on desserts, as we didnt need anything sweet after that fish curry.View menus, opening Times, sunday to Wednesday - 12 noon until.30pm.They were crisp and puffy, like thin savoury doughnuts, and were great for mopping up spicy sauce.The Mowgli House Keema was thick, sweet and earthy.Wrapped in a warm chapati, that would do me better for a day grafting on the tracks.The music and staff are both contemporary western and the fit out is somewhere the editor.And if you cant decide, you can always order a tiffin box a four-tier metal tin with three curries and a rice.
By contrast, my Gulab Jamun (4.50) was rich and indulgent three syrupy dough balls, sticky and heavy, with a scoop of the creamiest ice cream Ive tech gifts 2014 under 100 had for years.
Its got echoes of the same tea-smoked flavouring found in my chickpeas, all dark and rich.

And for those who need a bit more filling, it comes with a pile of spuds on the side.
Mowglis second Liverpool restaurant is bigger and grander than its first, but itll be very familiar to Mowgli fans and a great introduction to the brand if you havent tried it before.