most popular christmas gifts for 2 year olds

The balls (which are too big to put into their mouths, so its not a safety hazard) and the penguin roll down the tower while the froggie slides down the towers center and pops back up when the button is pushed.
1994: Power Rangers, these action figures were based purely on the characters from the popular TV show.
1984: Transformers, the 1986 TV animated transformers series and 2000 live-action franchise starring Shia LaBeoff actually got their start based on the incredible popularity of gifts for dallas cowboy fans this Hasbro toy.
Surprisingly, an updated version of this toy was among the most popular toys sold in 2013. The 15th Annual Kid-Tested, Kid-Approved wps promo code Exposition lets kids vote on their favorites (after all, who better to judge, right?).2012: Wii U This updated version of the Nintendo DS had parents waiting in line for hours to get one.Its light and fluffy, perfect to help develop fine motor skills and even floats on water.2004: Robosapien This robotic toy sold a whopping.5 million units in the second half of 2004.It sold.5 million units in the first six months on the market.2009: Zhu Zhu Pets Hailing in the age of robotics, these plush robotic toys were fun for kids to chase around and command.1992: Barney Doll, believe it or not, kids once loved the big purple dinosaur. Sounds like this toy could a parents dream! It makes it easy to teach kids to pick up their toys after playtime since everything can go inside and easily returned to its rightful place or taken along to Grandmas house!With this list, you can see what kids have wanted most for decades. Most sets are recommended for ages 4 and.2013: Big Hugs Elmo It appears that large, plush talking toys are still very popular, and Tickle Me Elmo hasnât gone out of style.But the kids will have a ball as they watch it slither across any hard surface in any direction they choose.The eyes and lips moved in sync with the story.However, these NES Classic Mini gaming consoles only came in short supply, and theyâre already sold out in many locations.1990: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Toys and Super Nintendo.
2014: Elsa Doll On the wings of the ever-popular Disney movie Frozen, little girls are still begging for Elsa dolls for Christmas.

 Its so very lifelike, if you or anyone living in the house is afraid of snakes, you might have second thoughts about this one!
1996: Tickle Me Elmo.
  Kids can mold it into shapes or carve designs.