Take on a student leadership position dictator President of MIT MUN for two years, heck yeah!
Take a Duck or Trolley Tour I actually have never done this.
Title, please click here to selectCaptainFirst OfficerDr.
Ice Skate on Frog Pond Again, one of those things that I meant to do but never did.That was right when I entered MIT.Pretend to be a prefrosh during CPW and get free stuff fact: I have been mistaken as a prefrosh all four CPWs yes, even this last year fraternities tried to rush me and I was like errrr WTF Im a senior!I harry potter nurse gifts had too many bad experiences with Python in high school, so I ran as far away from programming as possible at MIT.Take a nap in Killian its amazing there when the weather starts turning reallyyyyy nice around late April-early May.The undergrad research opportunities here are amazing though, and youre missing out on a key part of the MIT experience if you never did a urop.Watch a varsity game sadly, most MIT students dont really support their sport teams by watching the home games, even though we have so many athletes among.Press J to jump to the feed.Passed out at 4 AM.Learn the true meaning of ihtfp Its Hard To Fondle Penguins.Its a tourist place anyway.I didnt know what Lansdowne.Guess someone really likes to party!Visit all of the dorms I actually did this during my first week on campus, at REX my freshman year.Eat at Border Cafe in Harvard Square their (endless) chips and salsa are amazing.Im too poor to take a taxi, and blue line isnt any faster.Four years ago, Melis 08 posted a list of the 101 Things To Do Before You Graduate for her graduating class.I have not seen this list since my freshman year, and I just asked Grace to take a photo of her list so I can see what the heck was on it I was quite surprised actually, considering that I never went out.Punting Work community for MIT students, faculty, staff to discuss all aspects of MIT.I dont care for most of their other dishes thoughvery meh.Visit four other Boston-area colleges yup, easily!
Introduce yourself to President Hockfield as a matter of fact, I did this my very first week at MIT.