Section iiirequest for Personnel Action, recoupment.
However, do not use if your voucher is borderlands 2 best slot machine win processed in the Defense Travel System (DTS).Add suspension(em)to indicate that soldiers are to have their BAS suspendedby the instatement.When initiating requests to suspend BAS (PDY to FLD indicate date and time BAS is to be suspended.All personnel on the attached roster must have the samedate and time of departure to and return from from field unique gifts for anyone duty.Password first Name last Name email password.Branch*Air ForceArmyCoast GuardMarine CorpsNavyAir Force ReserveAir National GuardArmy National GuardArmy ReserveCoast Guard ReserveMarine Corps ReserveNavy ReserveAir Force rotcarmy rotcnavy rotcusafausmausnacivilian.If you cannot send from your military/government account, then print your entire travel claim and scan to create new PDFs which can then be sent from your personal email account.When thisprocedure is used, enter see attached roster of personnel inthe Name Block of the DA Form 4187.Enter reimbursement action to be taken by FAO, Present forduty(PDY) to field (FLD) or field (FLD) to present for duty (PDY)for enlisted soldiers, or payroll deduction for officers.Make sure you use the May 2011 version of the DD1351-2 travel voucher form!This change is in accordance with the Joint Travel Regulations and does not apply to grades O-7 and above.Instructions for preparing DAForm 4187 (Personnel Action) 17AR 60038.Recent DoD security requirements block PDF files containing JavaScript when sent from personal email accounts.When dates and times of field duty are the same formore than ten enlisted soldiers or officers, a roster of personnelshould be submitted with the same information.Forces/Civilian Personnel on Duty in the UK 5/1/2015 No AT L DD1435 comsec Maintenance Training and Experience Record 5/1/2009 CIO, DoD DD1441 Circuit Data 12/1/1997 No disa DD1443 Outage and Restoration Record 5/1/1992 disa DD1443-1 ASC Trouble and Action Record 3/1/2000 No disa DD1450 Space.

Block or Column, tHRU:Process action through applicable channels (i.e., From:Company, Thru: Battalion, To: FAO).TO:Indicate the supporting OM:Indicate unit to which enlisted service members or officers areassigned.