This tutorial shows you how to make this great knot better!
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Is a spectacular line to leader connection knot.MakeLure - Whiggley Tutorial, vor 5 years, complete lure making video for making Larry Dahlberg's famouse.It's very strong, very reliable, and very simple to tie.It ranks as one of the strongest.Alumisol Soft Plastic for Worms, your choice of three Alumidust colors (3 gram) and instructions.The Alberto knot also know as the Improved Albright knot.How to tie the "improved" Alberto knot.WHich is whay many consider it to be the best fishing knot.Additional product information can be found.Included is a durable five cavity mold of a 5" stick worm, 16oz.Pricey stuff: My current favorite braid /X2awfN, my second favorite /2uZMpRu, great line for grass /2whAWN6, good all around braids /2vsrasq /2il8YKQ /2whJgMP don't sleep on this stuff.This video illustrates steps to create, mold, and cast your own minnow.
Weedless Offspring Minnow made from m products.
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