Why so many of such a wide pool of recruits should be similar is unclear.
The ambiance was sophisticated and elegant.
Sigismund's companies had descended upon Mondus Occulum not knowing whether they would have to fight to secure the forge, but it was a relief to find that Fabricator Locum Zagreus Kane still held true to the Imperium.Under the tireless efforts of the Imperial Fists, the Sol System had become a fortress, each strata of the Solar System being turned into a perfectly organised defence zone to break the Warmaster Horus' eventual assault.However, the Imperial Fists have no special political rights on the worlds where they recruit their Neophytes as other Chapters.Even if the Imperial Fists Chapter itself were to be destroyed, the other Successor Chapters of the old V Legion would assume its duties.In war the VII Legion was concerned with conquest.In his later years, after his injuries placed him in a hover chair and rendered him unable to serve in the field, Rhetoricus was involved in instruction of Imperial Fists Neophytes during training and implantation of their gene-seed.One such individual is Chaplain Magno Stoan, who served as a Chaplain to the Imperial Fists' 3rd Company for the best part of two standard centuries before the deployment dominos voucher stockport of five of its squads to the Jericho Reach in 801.M41.He is the only surviving one of the "Three Brothers" of Trazior; the finger bones of his left hand are inscribed with the names of his two deceased Battle-Brothers from the hive city of Trazior as a permanent memorial to them.Her mission however, was a success, as the Thetis survived and would answer the call to arms when the time came.69-70 White Dwarf 249 (US "Index Astartes - Emperor's Shield" Horus Rising (Novel) by Dan Abnett The Flight of the Eisenstein (Novel) by James Swallow Mechanicum (Novel) by Graham McNeill Nemesis (Novel) by James Swallow Tales of Heresy (Anthology) edited by Nick Kyme and Lindsey.The profound misery of a Primarch.
The patriarch of the clan that raised Dorn became an adoptive grandfather to him, and taught him much of tactics, strategy, and diplomacy.

Together, the Last Wall Chapters invaded The Beast's capital world, and assaulted the capital city of Gorkogrod, fighting alongside the Primarch.