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Redefine 041 h to be Language code of the primary original text/soundtrack regardless of whether or dream giveaway scam not a translation is involved.
Add k as follows: k Language code of intermediate translations (R) Language code(s) for an intermediate language between the original and the current translation, where the resource was translated from an intermediate language other than the original.Elaboration on language-related information currently appears in coded form in bibliographic records in field 041 (Language code).The Library of Congress Especially for Librarians and Archivists Standards, hOME marc Development Proposals List, dATE: December 14, 2010, revised: name: Coding for Original Language in Field 041 (Language Code) of the marc 21 Bibliographic Format.A couple of other coding options were presented in the discussion paper.Additional Offers, a complete list of GoPlaySave merchants.Multilingual list of narcotic drugs under international control.Olac would therefore like to suggest a different approach that would provide the functionality we are looking for with, we hope, less disruption to other cataloging communities.041 1# a eng h eng j eng j fre j por j spa g eng Example.Add m as follows: m Language code of original for accompanying materials (R) Language code of original language(s) of subsidiary materials, such as librettos and accompanying materials.Subfield 041h is used to represent original languages of things other than main works.For music, when printed or manuscript music, sound recordings, or the accompanying material for these items is or includes a translation, subfield h may follow the related subfield a, d, e,.02/17/11, results of LC/LAC/BL review - Agreed with the marbi decision.The subfield was originally intended to be used for translations,.e.Related: 2010-DP05, status/comments: 12/14/10 Made available to the marc community milli millu discount code 2017 for discussion.Field 041 is currently defined as follows: 041 - language code (R indicators, first - Translation indication # - No informatoin provided 0 - Item not a translation/does not include a translation 1 - Item is or includes a translation.041 1# d fre h ita e eng e fre e ger e ita m ita g eng g fre g ger g ita g jpn g spa m ger Example.Defining a single subfield that could be put in a single index would be a more practical way to produce machine-actionable data.
The revised definition of subfield h will specify that the language code is for the original language of the primary content of the item and that it is not required to use it if the item is not a translation.

In English, French, Spanish, and Russian.
Most commonly, it is used by the music community to record the original language of librettos (041e) or accompanying material (041g) such as liner notes.