And they have an opportunity to be better, I think, to make more of a positive impact with regard to American manufacturing.
You know this tote, every blogger and her mother has one of these.
Anyway, this is not to dis Madewell specifically, although lately, Ive found their quality really lacking.
Everlane (made in Italy, although the company is transparent about manufacturing practices).Also, if youd like me to find an eco-friendlier alternative to a popular mass-produced item, send me an email!Clare Vivier (stylish, if a bit overdone.W.Theyre out there, and Im going to find them.Related Grechen's Closet comment policy: comments are moderated - if you are a new commenter, your first comment will have to be approved manually then subsequent comments will post automatically.Today Im introducing a new series: Buy thisInstead of That, where Ill feature ethically-produced, sustainable, eco-friendlier, made in the US, heritage, or otherwise interesting brands and alternatives to popular mass-produced products.Some you may already have heard of, some you havent.And props to Madewell for featuring a 414 Chimala chambray shirt next to their 72 version, although there are much more reasonably priced chambray shirts out there that are made in the US (Chimala is Japanese).If you are a blogger, please make sure your last post is showing up with the CommentLuv plugin and it will display with your comment.Hulme (comes with a lifetime guarantee) reMade USA (recycled leather bags, made in the US).Recently, though, its crept up and is around 125 or so, spend another 25 or 50 and you can get a great pair of jeans disney on ice community voucher that is made in the US (At Need Supply, you can even get jeans made in the US for under.
But with a little searching, I found a couple of good leather tote alternatives that are made in the US at a comparable price: Madewell Transport Tote 168, the baggu Basic leather tote 160, cuyana leather tote 150, buboBaaggins leather tote (etsy) 180, american Apparel.