People wonder what it is that she has, what scent it is that she wears, and they want to find her passion for life.
Of course the deep datura is a perfect twist-in-the-top and a great contrast with the other fruity flower top notes.
Petroleum jelly makes lighter and softer solid perfume, so do not add more oil, which will make it difficult to set.I have named three.'Poème' is built around flowers AND contrasts.But it is not possible to do the same every weekend.They are also alcohol free so bonus for people with sensitive skin.Homemade Face Pack for Skin Whitening.Enough waxing poetically about this classic.The top is on paper deeply fruity-floral.I love it and hope Lancome keeps producing this one!Aroma Magic Almond Nourishing Cream, chanel Precision how to win an ipad mini Hydramax Active Nutrition Nourishing Cream.Like 'Rose' in Lutens 'Sa Majesté la Rose' or 'Vanilla' in Bulgari's 'Black'.I would not say this is sweet enough to be considered gourmand and I do not sense any edible character to this.But these are for young girls and 'Poème' pasta gift basket is for real women.
Blackcurrant, peach, plum, mandarin, narcissus and green notes plus bergamot to give it an effervecent freshness.