kentucky gifted and talented program

Other valid and reliable documentation; (12) To qualify as a gifted and talented student in grades four (4) through twelve (12 the following criteria shall be met in one (1) of these gifted and talented categories: (a) General intellectual ability shall be determined.
(24) Mentorship means specialized studies, such as an internship, with an adult mentor in the community and under the direction of an educator knowledgeable in gifted education.
(15) Formal identification means a process by which a student in grades four (4) through twelve (12) is identified and diagnosed as having gifted characteristics and behaviors using a balanced combination of criteria specific to a category of giftedness intellectual aptitude, specific academic aptitude, creativity.
(2) All other personnel working with gifted students shall be prepared through appropriate professional development to address the individual needs, interests, and abilities of the students.(16) General intellectual ability means possessing: (a) Either the potential or demonstrated ability to perform at an exceptionally high level ecobee sce rebate in general intellectual ability, which is usually reflected in extraordinary performance in a variety of cognitive areas, such as abstract reasoning, logical reasoning, social awareness.Portfolio entries which display leadership qualities;.A district shall develop a system for analyzing student data for the purposes of a comparison of the students under consideration for identification to local or national norms, including those required in this administrative regulation, and to district-established criteria of eligibility for each category.(30) Specific academic aptitude means possessing either potential or demonstrated ability to perform at an exceptionally high level in one (1 or very few related, specific academic areas significantly beyond the age, experience or environment of ones chronological peers.(7) In the primary program, formal, normed measures may be used for diagnosing the level of instructional service harry and david coupon code free shipping 2016 needed by a student and for evaluation of student progress.(7) Counseling services means effectively-based counseling assistance planned in coordination with the gifted teacher and provided by a counselor familiar with the characteristics and socioemotional needs of gifted and talented students.(26) Psychosocial or leadership ability means possessing either potential or demonstrated ability to perform at an exceptionally high level in social skills and interpersonal qualities such as poise, effective oral and written expression, managerial ability, and the ability, or vision, to set goals and organize.(2) Advanced placement and honors courses means courses emphasizing college-level content based on college board curricula and tests (advanced placement or the provision of more challenging material through higher levels of content, process and product (honors courses).(29) Special school means a specialized school designed to: (a) Serve gifted students in grades four (4) through twelve (12) in specific academic areas (such as a magnet school in science and mathematics or (b) Develop specific areas of giftedness such as visual media insider rewards and performing.This procedure shall include a combination of informal measures, formal measures and objective-based eligibility criteria.High scores on tests of creative ability (e.g., Williams or Torrance, etc.Click here to link the Kentucky Department of Education Gifted and Talented Resource page.

(5) There shall be multiple service delivery options with no single service option existing alone, districtwide, at a grade level.
(28) Seminars means discussion-based sessions on specific topics focusing on advanced content and higher level process skills.
(21) Informal selection means a process by which a student in the primary program is documented as having the characteristics and behaviors of a high potential learner in one (1) or more categories using a series of informal measures for the purpose of determining eligibility.