Available all over in a vast array of styles and designs, you could spend hours shopping for chopsticks alone.
Turtles can mean longevity making them ideal for baby showers.
Inkan/Hanko Stamp Instead of using signatures, Japan uses inkan or hanko stamps to authenticate documents.
And it even comes with chopsticks!You can choose a cute image like a cat, or a more traditional shape.When you open a bank account or sign a contract, Japanese people use their own personalised rubber stamp.Click here to buy Sake set Japanese sake (also known as nihonshu ) is the popular Japanese rice wine.Photo Credit: Ashley Van Haeften via Flickr.Japanese sweet that is typically made of mochi (a sort of rice paste) and red bean paste.Its a central concept in Japanese culture, and its believed to be one of the reasons for Japans long life expectancy.If youre invited to somebodys home, you always should bring a little present with you (e.g.Dont send four pieces of cake).When to Give a Gift?This spin and win in kenya is a really unique gift for anyone t mobile loyal customer discount interested in Japanese culture, and it could also be a useful stamp for anyone interested in crafts, scrapbooking or art.2017 The Japanese Shop Ltd.As you would expect from the name, it talks a lot about geeky culture like manga, anime and video games in Japan.Click here to buy Traditional Japanese snack box If sweets are not your thing, how about this alternative subscription box of traditional Japanese snacks.
Vending Machine Goods For a full guide to the exciting world of Japanese vending machines, take a look here.