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However, in Ocarina of Time the reflector 2 promo code food shortage in Goron City became so bad that at least one of them tried to eat the Mineral MacGuffin, causing Darunia take it away.
Surprisingly, Daffy only smiles and says: "when I buy water, I sure get my money's worth!" In the Dork Age cartoon "Tease for Two the Goofy Gophers cover a rock with gold paint and toss it into the hole in which Daffy is digging for.What's left has to be hidden because the thieves can't be caught openly carrying it in the wake of the theft.Credit Topping it well, Quentins serves up hearty Eurasian food.And to one lost sheep, a shepherd boy is greater than the richest king!ElfQuest : Trolls set great store by gold and jewels, possibly since it takes so much effort to mine and refine them.When the biker gang breaks into the mall, they loot the bank as well.In The Dark Knight, Alfred uses an example of this to illustrate to Bruce Wayne why The Joker won't back down.Silver, on the other hand, had to be imported lahey clinic gift shop from the Fertile Crescent, and jewelry or other items crafted from silver often fetched higher prices in Egyptian markets than equivalent gold wares.Unfortunately, the chemicals he uses cost more than the gold is worth (he's trying to refine the process).The Asgardian villain Lorelei wants gold from the biker she mind-controlled, and is upset when he gives her "paper".If there is a good amount of Gold in your territory but not much Wood (possible in some of the desert maps you're going to think it's a worthless yellow rock.Live-Action TV In Auction Kings, art tends to sell for a fraction of its value.What can you expect in the Jamie Oliver Restaurant in Budapest?General Landry: State secret, I'm afraid.One of the stories features Alice looking for a replacement for.5 kg gold nugget she took from the school's museum and lost.He seems pretty uninterested in all the magic tricks they show him, until he asks the wizard of the group, Cornelius, to turn metal into gold.
Subverted in "The Conveyor Project a fourth season episode of The Red Green Show.

In the opening sequence to Operation Condor, Jackie Chan sneaks into a small cave where diamonds line the walls and litter the floor and begins stuffing them in his bags.