The music itself was faster than rock steady, but tighter and more complex than ska, with obvious debts to both styles, while going beyond them both.
LRP-3145/LST-7145 - The Invitations with Billy May - Invitations Billy May Orchestra 1/60 Beyond The Reef/Lehuanani/Says My Heart/Leahi/Out In The Cold Again/Hilo Hattie Cha Cha/Hawaiian War Chant/Twilight In Hawaii/Bali Ha'i/Goodnight Leilani E/Love Letters In The Sand/Too Marvelous For Words LRP-3146/LST-7146 - In Times Like These.Flip Casablanca 15 Scott, Gloria Just As Long As We're Together/There Will Never Be Another M-/tiny lbl edge tear/superb/inst.Whatever the true reason, it was decidedly different from ska.What A Dream/Because You Love Me/Yeah, Yeah, Yeah LRP-3030 - Will You Remember - Cyril Ornadel conducting the London Festival Symphony 1957 Will You Remember/When I Grow Too Old To Dream/Softly As In The Morning Sunrise/Serenade/One Alone/Lover Come Back To Me/One Kiss/I Bring A Love.President-Bunker Hill To Yorktown/Father Of Our Country/All Men-People's Choice/War of 1812/New Frontiers-Andy Jackson/Tippecanoe Tyler Too/Remember the Alamo/Honest Abe-Brother Against Brother/Saga of the Presidents-U.S.Eventually my contract with Aubrey was up, and I didn't sign back with him." And so the most influential instrumental ska band, and certainly the most famous, began - the Skatalites.On the weekends Kingstonians old and new would gather for dances in the open spaces called lawns' all over the city, where sound systems (essentially loud, primitive mobile discos) would throb with the latest sounds from the States.At first, there was no particular correspondence between mono and stereo catalog numbers for the same album; in fact, there were both mono-only and stereo-only albums being issued.At least, that's one of the stories.Rumors circulated that the 45 never became a hit because Island ignored store requests for more stock to prevent its success, in an attempt to make the reluctant Cliff sign a further one-year option with the label; they were offering 14,000GBP, and he was asking.It came in a die-cut cover with guaranteed eye appeal."liberty" above the center hole with a drawing of the Statue of Liberty above the logo, "long playing microgroove" at the bottom of the label.Royal Marines 1965 Fanfare/The Royal Tournament/Life On the Ocean Wave/Admirals Regiment/Spanish Marchj/Lilliburlero/British Grenadiers/Dashing White Sergeant/Southerly Wind/Braganza/Faust-Soldier's Chorus/Marching Thro' Georgia/Globe Laurel/Under the Banner/Sarie Marals/Preobrajensky March/Silver Bugles/Glorious Victory/Barcelona/Calvary of the Clouds/Salute To the Colours/I Vow to Thee, Orb and Sceptre LRP-3430/LST-7430 - C'mon Let's Live a Little.Guitarist Lynn Taitt was the guy who orchestrated that.By 1956, the first one was operating in England, and soon blues dances as they were known, were a weekend feature of Jamaican communities through out the country.It was, bob Marley who made reggae into an international phenomenon.Since the LRP-3000 series predated stereo by several years, at first all albums were mono.Number, title, artist, release Date (Chart) Contents 3000/7000 Popular Series: LRP-3001, mucho Cha Cha Cha.2 LRP-3136/LST-7136 - Dixiecats at Waikiki - Ken Alford's Dixiecats 11/59 Hawaiian War Chant/Hula Blues/On The Beach At Waikiki/Little Brown Gal/My Little Grass Shack/Uheuhene/Mele Kalikimaka/Malihini Mele/Maui Girl/Hilo March/Cockeyed Mayor Of Kaunakakai/My Hawaiian Song Of Love LRP-3137/LST-7137 - Afro Can-Can - Jack Costanzo 1960 It's All.I wasn't calico cat gift store familiar with ska.

Like others before, he turned to record production, beginning with a mammoth session of 13 songs for his new label, Wild Bells.
The era of the jazz orchestra was slowly fading as music grew harder, stronger, more youthful.