is my four year old gifted

They tend to fun gift baskets display very powerful reactions to auditory and visual stimuli, including art and music.
Says her son stood out as gifted because at 3 1/2 years old: "He pretty much taught himself how to read phonetically.
Testing your preschooler for giftedness, although you may want to know if your preschooler is gifted, most children don't need to be tested for giftedness before entering elementary school.
Has good ideas, has unusual silly ideas, works hard.If you do think your child has an unusual precocity, how do you support them without creating the kind of lasting damage that weve read about in the case of other child prodigies?But what is it exactly that makes a child gifted is it more than just being really smart?The IQ society Mensa suggests that an unusual memory, passing milestones early, reading and counting early, an awareness of world events, constantly asking questions, and possessing a developed sense of humour are among the indications of an unusually bright child.Each state and even individual school districts have their own definitions and requirements to qualify for a gifted program.According to the National Association for Gifted Children, kids who are gifted show an exceptional ability to reason and learn.Sometimes an IQ score of 120 qualifies a child for a gifted program.So do what you can to encourage your childs instinctive curiosity and love of learning.In my preschool visits, I observe gifted children who are happy and content playing among their peers, and others who appear bossy, frustrated, or withdrawn.Because of her experience, she suspects " a gifted child isn't happy unless he or she is learning something.Seeking the help of a child psychologist can be a way parents confirm the suspicion that their child is gifted and were also there for parents who feel overwhelmed with parenting a gifted child, when a gifted child is just not fitting in socially, despite.For help answering these questions, we asked psychologist Stephanie Meyer, PhD, to give us some insight into this often-overlooked population.Stephanie Meyer also provides initial consultation for families being seen at the.And at the same time, its not unusual for gifted kids to play with much younger children, probably because younger playmates tend to be more tolerant of their friends idiosyncrasies and personality quirks."Her first word was 'elephant right before she turned three months old.The range for average intelligence is 85 to 115, and children whose IQ scores are at least 130 are usually considered gifted.And how can we as parents, teachers, and even next door neighbor friends, support the particular needs of these kids?Teachers and parents assume they can do everything easily and so fail to acknowledge what they do, while throwaway or sarcastic remarks from others can make a child hesitate about pushing themselves forward.
Reasons well and learn rapidly, talked early and has extensive vocabulary.