how to win a poetry competition

Get out there and lady m discount use your eyes and ears.
Its something to do with confidence.Those are the first two lines.Its okay to be spendthrift with words. .Look again at phrases that dont seem to fit.When reading your poem, I wont and dont need to know if you have actual first hand experiences of what you are describing or if you have written your poem based on second hand reports. .Send me the real thing and I will recognise it at once.Take four stanzas to say that a bird was singing outside your window. .Its nearly Valentines Day after all.Or try a sonnet.Is more compelling as the time of the phone call is unexpected and phone call at that time in the morning suggests urgent news.Let the poem chose the form and dont try to straitjacket rhyming couplets into a sonnet or that you arbitrarily have to have nine syllables per line if this means choosing longer words where shorter ones would better serve your purpose. .You have to feed them soluble aspirin on day two if you want them to keep their heads.Journey poems Not in the mood for love?Red roses are overrated anyway.A mistake I make all the time.The deadline for the competition is February 28 and, by coincidence, I am reading at City Screen that night with a group of amazing York poets.Its worth bearing in mind that traditional subjects for poems such dailies total 1 contacts rebate as war, love, death and nature have volumes of excellent poems providing some very stiff competition for yours. .
If you write one (or get one out that never quite made it and work on it some more in the cool light of day) it can double up as something to give your lover on February 14th and it wont cost orlando food and wine festival promotion code a thing.
You can take your pick from romantic, erotic, poems of lost love etc.

It could be that your poem fits into three line stanzas or is better as one long stanza or conforms to a syllabic pattern. .