how to make greeting card gift boxes

9, repeat the marking and scoring for the other half of the box.
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Cut along the score line from the edge to the next, perpendicular diy gift box decoration score line in each corner, but do so for only one side of the square you drew.
By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy.Reuse is a great way to recycle.3, draw a diagonal X on the back side of the card from corner to corner.To score the card, take your dead pen or other instrument and draw along the ruler from edge to edge on the paper, pressing down hard enough to mark the paper but not hard enough to cut through.The easiest way to make the top fit over copper gifts uk the bottom is to make sure both halves of the card are the same size, so you may have to trim a little.It is important to add a little to the measurement for the bottom, so the top will fit over.4, draw a square in each corner of the top and bottom of the card, the size of your measurements.5, score the card all the way along all four sides, using the squares to give you the distance from the edge.13 Add some tissue paper or cotton balls as padding for small gifts or jewelry.You can use paper if you want, but it's not gong to be as sturdy.This demonstration uses 1 inch (25mm) for the top, and 1 and 1/16 (27mm) for the bottom.Did this article help you?If you need boxes a little larger use poster board, colored cardstock or any other heavy weight paper with the directions for constructing the boxes the size you need.Warnings Use scissors and other cutters with care.
Use a greeting card that suits your occasion.
It should hold by itself.

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Question Can I use paper for this?
Just use poster board, or a bigger piece of paper, and follow the instructions to suit your size.