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It's beautiful to think, how a life so small, will fill your world with a love so great! .What an exciting time for you!Alternatively, you could simply write "for baby" or write the baby's name if you know.Write "Dear (Mom's First Name inside the card if you're close to the expectant mother.I know that you two are going to make awesome parents.Pregnancy, Baby Shower, Labor Babies.Here's our 3 months forecast (number of months / weeks depending on when the shower takes place a 'shower' followed by a very sunny baby!These shower card messages give you lots of helpful phrases to find the best wording for your card to the soon-to-be mother / parents and baby.It's happiness there are no words for.In the coming weeks I will be thinking a lot of you.But there will always be love and laughter!Enjoy your journey into parenthood and have fun!Congratulations, may he/she bring you many happy memories.There is no extra cost to you.Addressing a baby shower card should be a simple and straightforward, although the proper way to address the card depends on the exact situation.Usually, the shower card is addressed to the mother of the baby.You will need: Blank bingo cards ( You can print our free blank bingo cards).A very warm welcome and may your days be filled with happiness and fun.Best wishes for a lifetime of happiness and joy!Video of the Day, flexshopper discount code address the outer envelope with names only if you're attending the shower, or with the full name of each parent and address if you're mailing the card.

Your house will often be a mess and you'll frequently be tired.