"My job is not to get hung up in punditry but to obsess on what's in my control he says.
Retaking either chamber in North Carolina, for example, is considered out of reach this year even though the legislature has grown enormously unpopular in polls.
Instead, Democrats pots of luck promo code aim to chip away at seats over time and hope the states demographic trends eventually put them over the edge.And Republicans and Democrats alike have sunk money into Royce's district, with the GOP hoping they can prevent any Democratic candidate from advancing to the general election.The current House makeup includes 234 Republicans and 199 Democrats, and there are two vacant seats that are safely Democratic.Steve Israel, D-N.Y., who runs the House Democrats' campaign operation, maintains that the election climate is still unfolding.I do believe they might pick up some seats he says.Republicans dont feel like theyre accountable to anybody because they feel like they have drawn the lines and the maps in such a way that they dont have to actually answer to the voters, Sargent said.More people than ever think their own optimum gold rewards congressman should be sent packing.Unsurprisingly, Democrats are excited about the prospect of beating Rohrabacher, and eight of them have signed up for the jungle primary."The Democrats could make a very good case that they've done some things and Republicans have done nothing but obstruct h&r block discount software Gans says.Gavin Newsom, the leading Democratic candidate for governor, has said that he would much rather face off against a Republican in November.What's a "jungle" primary, and why are Democrats worried about them in California?Still, it's difficult to predict how this will all pan out on Tuesday.The GOP didnt just gain power in states heading into post-census redistricting they gained power in the states that matter.That's because Democrats split their votes between too many candidates in the jungle primary, so the seat stayed in Republican hands even as President Obama easily carried the district that November.
While his experiment found that heavily gerrymandered states like Michigan and Pennsylvania indeed produced a few more seats for Republicans against his alternate scenarios, the net gain nationally was usually around five to seven seats significant, but still not enough for Democrats to retake the.

As President Obamas second term winds down and Hillary Clintons likely presidential campaign winds up, it feels like the 2016 election is drawing even more attention than the upcoming midterm races.
But theres another election increasingly on the minds of Democratic lawmakers, party operatives, big money donors, and progressive activists: 2020.